Brief Overview: The 3 Waves of Coffee

Brief Overview: The 3 Waves of Coffee


1st WAVE

The birth of the Industrial age brings coffee to the masses.  Hills Brothers launched vacuum packed tins in the early 1900s and this new technology made coffee more affordable and readily available to the general public without going to coffee houses.

 Examples: Canned coffee such as Hills Bros, Folgers, Maxwell house, Nes Café, and Mr. Coffee

2nd WAVE

In the 1970s the coffee shop changes as it becomes a relaxation spot.   At this time Starbucks began to grow and have an influence on coffee consumption.  New beverages introduced and more attention to quality and the experience of having coffee.

Examples: Starbucks, George Howell, and Peet’s Coffee.

3rd WAVE

The third wave is simply the reaction to bad coffee.  Third wave is truly the birth of Specialty Coffee and making sure it is fresh roasted.  Emphasis is placed on sourcing top notch quality coffee sourced direct from its origin and mastering the roasting process.

Examples: Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, Stumptown Roasters, and the Specialty Coffee Association.


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