Cofounded by UFC legend Matt “The Immortal” Brown and Conor Flynn the creator of Rx Coffee.  Two like minded entrepreneurs with a passion for fitness and coffee.


Coffee with a conscious that empowers those who want to BE IMMORTAL.  Our mission is to source the world’s highest quality coffees sustainably sourced via fair and direct trade.  We take pride in knowing that the workers who took part in the life cycle of the coffee you drink were not taken advantage of and were paid a fair and decent wage. We want to provide the world with socially conscious and health conscious coffee.


The world’s most popular beverage, coffee, is more than just an energy drink or pre-workout supplement.  While coffee consumption has been shown to increase performance, not all coffee is created equal. But the health benefits sure are, that is if you are drinking high quality fresh roasted coffee.  The health benefits of coffee do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or gender. Whether you’re a man or woman, and no matter your ethnic background, recent studies have shown that drinking coffee can increase longevity and reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease.  And it’s not the caffeine, as studies have shown it does not matter whether it is caffeinated or decaf.

There are a plethora of health related coffee studies out there, but we figured we would share a few that are backed by research.  A massive review of the scientific literature on coffee published in the British Medical Journal found that drinking three to fours cups of black coffee a day provides the most health benefits overall. Prior studies have found similar benefits reducing risk for such issues as melanoma, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, prostate cancer, Alzheimer's, computer-related back pain and more.    


Matt “The Immortal” Brown

UFC legend, “The Immortal” Matt Brown, is currently tied for the most knockouts (12) in UFC history and holds the record for most finishes, knockouts, and fights in UFC Welterweight history.  He was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of martial arts and fitness.  In his early twenties Matt survived a heroin overdose and many other near-death experiences.  All of this along with his fighting reputation led his friends dubbing him with his eventual fighter nickname: “The Immortal.”
Before fighting professionally, Matt was a personal trainer and has always had a passion for teaching others.  In 2018 he founded Immortal Martial Arts Center in Lewis Center, OH where he is the head coach.  He continues his martial arts pursuits daily and helps share his knowledge to build better humans. Matt also owns a fitness equipment company, Immortal Combat Equipment.
Matt enjoys playing guitar, is an avid metal fan, and is a devoted family man and father of three.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Stop trying to find yourself and start defining yourself.”

Conor “The Coffee Guy” Flynn

An MBA graduate, coming from both a corporate and entrepreneurial background, Conor has a diverse business background.  He grew tired of the “rat race” that is the Corporate world and eventually turned his dreams into a reality and founded his own coffee company.  What began as a side project, he turned his passion into a business and founded Rx Coffee, a Specialty Coffee Company based in Miami, FL.  
He is active in his local community having served on the Board of Directors for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, The President's Council for Florida International University, and has volunteered with Chapman Partnership for homeless assistance, where he designed a program with fellow MBA students to teach people financial literacy skills; Best Buddies International; and United Cerebral Palsy, to name just a few. The last two are especially personal to Flynn, who has a cousin with down syndrome and another with cerebral palsy.  
Conor continues to volunteer for The Education Fund, which supports innovation in public education; and The Warrior Focus Foundation which seeks to place at-risk youths into health and fitness programs.
Conor is an ultrarunner, Crossfitter, and martial artist. 
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” -Bruce Lee